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Tax Effective Business Structures

A surprising number of businesses that make contact with us are structured ineffectually with regard to asset protection and tax minimisation thereby leaving them open to avoidable tax payments and obligations.

We can facilitate you in structuring your business efficiently, as well as offering professional expertise you may need to:

  • Increase business cash flows
  • Preserve substantial amounts of money in taxes every year
  • Protect assets, home and personal property from bankruptcy or creditors
  • Guard your business from immense taxes when sold
  • Increase business potential and sustain your competitiveness
  • Extend personal wealth and financial protection

What is a trust?

Basically, a trust involves ones personal and business assets being held by another person or company for the benefit of others. The person that holds the assets is referred to as the trustee, while those who benefit from the trust are called beneficiaries. Trust funds are a proven tool for tax planning, as income received from assets held in a trust can be allocated to beneficiaries on lower marginal tax rates.

A trust can also provide some protection in the event of legal action, as only assets held in your personal name can be pursued. Consequently, your business or personal assets held by the trustee in the trustee’s name are not liable even though you and other beneficiaries retain legal control of your assets.